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Diego Gravinese

     After a brief attendance at the National School of Fine Arts, at age 19, Diego Gravinese had his first exhibitions in Buenos Aires, first in the mythical Giesso Space, then the Casal de Catalunya, following the Ibero-American Cooperation Institute (ICI) and eventually at Ruth Benzacar gallery with which he worked for more than 10 years, and in which he made his iconic show "Surfer" in 1997.

    He would later move to NY where he made two successful solo shows in 1999 and 2001 with one of the first galleries in Chelsea, De Chiara-Stewart, with whom he would later show in Germany and the rest of Europe. In the following years he worked with other galleries in NY and BsAs, including ZavaletaLab and SlyZmud with whom he made his last individual show in the city.

    Diego Gavinese's work has mutated over the years, from a social critique influenced by the argentine Neo Figuración, the american pop and expressionism, the post-punk movement and the advent of the digital era, towards a more personal search joining a review of the history of figurative painting with an inner return to the search for the immanent mystery linked to the awakening of the feminine conscience, figuratively embodied in her Venus series of recent years.

   His work has been part of numerous international collective exhibitions, biennials and fairs and belongs in many important collections, both private and institutional, around the world. Diego Gravinese currently resides and works in Buenos Aires.




Born Oct 28th, 1971. La Plata, Bs As, Argentina.




1990  Fine Arts School Prilidiano Pueyrredon, BsAs.

1992  Ana Eckell's studio. 


Solo Exhibitions:


2013     Fractalia, galería SlyZmud, BsAs.

2008   Cometa Raketa,  AMIA art space, BsAs.

2005   Cita,  ZavaletaLab gallery, Bs.As.
2003   GRAVINESEPUNGA™,  Ruth Benzacar gallery,Bs.As.
2000   Garden of Delights,  De Chiara|Stewart gallery, New York.

1999    All Smiles,  De Chiara|Stewart gallery, New York.
1997    Surfer,  Ruth Benzacar gallery, Bs.As.

1996    Algún Día, Banco Patricios Foundation,  Bs.As.
1995    Todavia no penso en tener un Gravinese?, Recoleta Cultural Center,                    Bs.As.

1994    Everyone needs a madonna,  ICI, Bs.As.

1993    Herencia, Casal de Catalunya, BsAs.

1992    Mi Primer Sopena,  Giesso Space, Bs As


Group Exhibitions:




2016   Johnatan Levine, NY

2014   ArteBA, galería SlyZmud, BsAs

           In Fraganti, curada por Valeria Gonzalez,  ArtexArte, BsAs

2013    ArteBA, galería SlyZmud, BsAs

2012    ArteBA, galería SlyZmud, BsAs.

            The Wallmania, estadio River Plate, BsAs

            Jóvenes Artistas, galería Daniel Maman, BsAs

2011     Narrativas Inciertas, MAMBA Museum, BsAs

            ArteBA,Bs As, Progetti Gallery, Rio de Janeiro.

            La Plata ciudad inventada, La Plata.

            Cachorros, Miau Miau Gallery,Bs As.


2008  ARCO, Madrid, Spain. 

           ArteBA, BsAs.

           Grandes Fracasos, curated by Maxi Jacoby, C.C. Rojas, BsAs. 

2007  Los Papiros arden y las letras florecen, curated by Elio Kapszuk, AMIA, Bs.As.

           ArtBO, Bogota, Colombia

           ARTE BA '07, art fair,  ZavaletaLab gallery, Bs.As.

2006  Preview( large format photo exhibition), Alcorta Space, BsAs.

           Paintings for the '06 collection, Patio Bullrich, BsAs.

           ARTE BA '06, art fair, ZavaletaLab gallery, Bs.As.

           ARCO, ZavaletaLab gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2005  Colectiva '05-, ZLab, Bs.As.

           Mamushka, curated by C. Delgado, Cocoliche space, BsAs.

           ARCO, ZavaletaLab gallery, Madrid, Spain.

           13 artistas de la galeria, ZavaletaLab, Bs.As.

2004   Fishing in International waters , Jack S. Blanton Museum, Austin,Texas.

            Nuevos territorios,ARCO, ZavaletaLab, Madrid.

           Arte argentino contemporaneo, MACRO, Rosario

2003   Project Argentina, fundacion Tantica, Miami. Coleccion Vergez.

           Basel-Miami, Ruth Benzacar, Miami.

           Ultimas Tendencias, artistas de los 90, Museum of Modern Art, BsAs.

2002   ARCO, Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Madrid, Spain

          Art In General, 11th annual artist's studio tour", De Chiara gallery, NY.

           Selected, galeria Müllerdechiara, Berlin.

           Landscapes, curated by Fabian Burgos, Bs. As.         

2001   Slice of Life, De Chiara Gallery, New York, NY

           Wattage and Friendship, curated by David Hunt, mullerdechiara, Berlin, Germany

           Summer Show, Sandroni Rey Gallery, Venice, California

           ARCO, madrid, Spain. Ruth Benzacar gallery.

2000  Panoramix, PROA, Bs As.

           Arte B.A. art fair, Bs As.

           Independence Day, Tornasol Space. Bs As.

            ARCO, Ruth Benzacar Gallery and De Chiara|Stewart, Madrid, Spain

1999   My own private sky, Belleza y Felicidad Space, Bs As.

           All I need is..., (video installation), Il Mercosur Biennale, Porto

           Alegre, Brazil

           Arte Argentino, las ultimas 5 decadas, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Bs As.

           Artforum Berlin, De Chiara|Stewart, Berlin, Germany

           Whippersnappers, Vedanta Gallery, Chicago, IL

           Culturama, Gen Art, New York, NY curated by Vanessa Hattoum

           The new collage, Pamela Auchincloss Project Space, New York, NY

            Spaceship Earth, Art in General, New York, NY

1998   Premios MNBA-Universidad de Palermo, Museo Nacional Bellas

           Artes, Bs As.

           As noches muchachos (tribute to Nini Marshall), Bco. Patricios Fund,

           Bs As.

           Arte Argentino Actual, Fine Arts Museum of Resistencia, Chaco

           Contemporary Argentine Art, traveling to Budapest, Prague and other cities

           50 anos: Los Argentinos e Israelis, Centro Cultura. Borges, Bs As,.

            Premios Bodegas Esmeralda, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, Bs As.

           12 Artistast Argentinos Contemporaneos, Traveling in Argentina

1997    1997 Bahia Blanca Biennale, Fine Arts M. of B. Blanca, Bahia

           Blanca, Argentina

            200 x 200 x 200, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Bs As, Argentina

            Premios Constantini, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, Bs As.

            C.F.P.(painted bodies), El Odeon, Bs As,Argentina

           Premios Gunther 1997, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, Bs As.

           A la Nueva Pintura 1997, Palais de Glace, Bs As,Argentina

            Premios Novartis, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, Bs As,Argentina

1996    Premio Fundacion Mayorazgo, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, Bs As.

            Salon Hugo del Carril, Museum of Modern Art, Bs As,Argentina

            La Ciudad Agredida, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, Bs As.

            LXXXV Salon Nacional de Artes Plasticas 1996, Fine Arts Museum,

            Rosario, Argentina

            Salon Manuel Belgrano, Sivori Museum

            70-80-90, 70 artist from the 80's and 90's, Centro Cultura. Borges.

            Premio Bco. de La Provincia de Bs. As., the Jauretche archives.

            Energia de Mujer, Llao-Llao Hotel, Bariloche, Argentina

1995    Fin de Siglo 1999, Bco. Patricios Fund., curated by Elena Oliveras

           Arte Argentino hoy, Asociación Argentina de Criticos de Arte, Bs As.

           V Premio Gunther, Gold Medal, Centro de Arte Y Comunicaciones, Bs As.

           Periferia Urbana, curated by J. Glusberg, Museo Nationale Bellas

           Artes, Bs As,.

           Milan Triennale, Milan, Italy

           Premio Bco. Mayorista del Plata, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, BA.

           Premio Fundacion Fortabat 1995, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Bs As.

           V Chandon Biennale, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, Bs.As.

1994   20 instalaciones, (video installation), Museo Nacional Bellas

           Artes, BA,Argentina

           Premio Braque, mention of the jury, Fundacion Banco Patricios,. Bs As.

           Young artists of the gallery, Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Bs. As.

           11 x 11, Fine Arts Museum of Tucuman, Argentina

           Premio Cayc-Klemm, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Bs As.

           Argentinos en la Bienal del Cairo, Centro de Arte Y Comunicaciones, Bs


           Premio de Premiados, Nuevo Mundo Fundacion, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes,

            Bs As,.

            Jeune Peinture, Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris, France

1993    =<30, multimedia exhibition, Del Borde, Fundacion Banco

             Patricios,. Bs As.

            Premio Gunther '93, mention of the jury, Centro de Arte Y Comunicaciones,

            Bs As.

            Pintango Madriz, Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid, Spain

            Instalaciones, propuestas para el fin de siglo, (video installation)

            curated by J. Glusberg, Palais de Glace, Bs As.

            A la Nueva Pintura 1993, First prize Nuevo Mundo Fundacion, Museo

            Nacional Bellas Artes, Bs As.

            Un punto per Piero, curated by Grazia Chiesa, Centro de Arte Y Comunicaciones,

            Bs As. 

1992    Las Voces Emergentes , curated by J. Glusberg,Feria de Arte Buenos Aires,BsAs.




© 2020 by Diego Gravinese 

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